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LIFTCONTROL for the control of lockable gas cylinders

The reliable release mechanism for lockable gas cylinders...

Release by means of a button and power transmission via Bowden cable make sure of a solid, yet elegant, operation of your product. All standard gas cylinders may be controlled easily and precisely by this appropriate power transmission. All European and Asian made gas cylinders with a screw thread M10 x 1 can by equipped with this mechanism. Connection borings of diameters 8 and 10 mm are also available as well as various lengths of the Bowden cable. LIFTCONTROL means easy assembly and precise and simple operation - see it for yourself.

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Assembly and instructions for LIFTCONTROL :
1. Screw counter nut onto the piston of the gas cylinder.
2. Screw on the aluminum housing and wedge the lever loosely on the release pin. Attention : The release pin of the gas cylinder must not have any sharp edges. Any version with a rounded head would be ideal.
3. Fix the Bowden cable and by further unscrewing the release block get the Bowden cable up to a slight tension.
4. Assemble the pressure cylinder

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